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Managers of Sepid Shahd Jahangir Factory started its activities in the 1980s with Hermes Trading Company as one of the successful companies in the field of commercial services and with the possession of highly experienced and expert human resources and utilizing the information of the world with the help of its offices and cooperation with different countries of the world has been able to continue its growing trend and by gaining useful experiences in all fields Industrial commercial production.This complex has been able to invest and establish a white fruit concentrate factory in order to utilize all its capacity and using the experience gained in the last 16 years in domestic and international fields. Therefore, the decision of the managers of this complex was to establish this production complex in the city of Sepidan apple blossoms to provide a valuable service and convert the products of apples grade 2 and 3 of that region into concentrates, which are also entrepreneurial in this regard and more importantly by producing it and exporting to other countries.

Sepid Shahd Jahangir Factory

Sepid Shahd Jahangir Factory is now enjoying the experiences gained from previous years and also with committed and expert personnel trying to make its presence in the world of business as an Iranian manufacturing factory.It is now intended to register another great achievement by your business company by combine large -scale importing companies and to bring together large corporations in order to create a business group in addition to exchange of information and information. Technology meets each other's product needs.n the following, we recommend you to put this collection in cooperation with you. We believe that this cooperation will continue for many years. It is hoped that this factory can provide you with the most desirable work which is our main task. .

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In order to maintain and enhance the reputation of the factory at the domestic and international level, observing principles such as honesty at work, paying attention to customers' desires and other stakeholders, has always tried to realize the above prospects. Follow the following quality policyProviding Customer Requirement and Satisfaction : 1- New Markets 2-Achieving new markets 3- creation of a suitable platform for growth and upgrading employees as the main company 4 -Customer Register, especially Overseas SuppliersThe field of activity of Sepid Shahd Jahangir Factory What has always ensured the success and dynamism of Sepid Factory, is a different attitude in providing services, we have established a solid foundation for customer satisfaction with a subtle and intelligent look at the performance of the individual and its continuous improvement, the following are part of the services that it offers to its customers in this way.Sepid Shahd Jahangir Concentrate Factory produces and exports a variety of concentrates such as apples, grapes, oranges, dates, kiwi, mineral water production, all kinds of energy drinks, juices, nectars, fruit drinks without gas, carbonated waters with the best quality and technologies in the world as well as German equipment and machinery.

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